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Deadbolts on entry doors are thought to be much secure then the sliding patio door locks as reported by many experts. Therefore, extra precautionary measures are essential for owners of sliding patio door locks.

  • Charley Bars – These bars extend from the side or top of a particular door to the lower door track. Someone, breaking in your house will be blocked by the charley bars as they are robust and hardly to be bent! It is noteworthy here that these bars must be made from substantially strong material such as steel, wood etc.


  • Secure your sliding door track- Lifting a patio door off its track and simply removing it is a good manner to breach into the house. One can avoid this by inserting 3 screws into the track and firmly fixing the patio door on it without causing any hindrance to the door’s movement.


  • Decals and signs- In thwarting a burglary attempt, it is good to put up security signs or decal warnings as an alarm for your security company or a guard dog. Burglars tend to get confused by these signs and decals and are often seen to overlook houses with such systems. It is a nice safeguard against breaching.